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Welcome to Just's screenwriting portfolio. This is a selection of projects that Just has worked on.


Additional scripts are available upon request.

If you have Just in mind for a project, please contact Allen McRae at


An animated series about a wealthy baby and a destitute old man. They're on the run from a powerful committee’s clutches. 

Co-written with Josh Nasser.

The Murder of Jensen Seemotsky

A half-hour comedy pilot about fledgling patissier, Damon Seemotsky. His father's murder has become the basis for the most popular podcast ever. Damon just wants to move on with his life, but his mother intends to make the murder into a franchise.

Burn Jordan

A comedy series about professional insulter, Brad Jordan. He once had the sickest burns, but a dental accident has rendered it impossible for him to burn without laughing. A decade has passed. Brad will train a group of young children in the art of burn.

Co-written with Josh Nasser.

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